About Us

Dance is a gift, where music and motion meet to create the most beautiful elements of the mind, body and soul.

Call us about our Special Needs Events

Our mission is to provide a fun, friendly environment where each dancer can feel pride and confidence is their performance no matter their skill level. We are excited to announce our special needs division where we will recognize and reward those dancers. Our competition believes strongly in dancers encouraging one another of all levels, to persevere, perfect, and perform to the best of their ability. We want dancers to strive to work hard and make their dreams a reality through the art of Dance!

Meet and greet dancer social/improv - Motion Dance Force wants dancers to have the opportunity to build new friendships by meeting and sharing with their competitors and meet others who share the same passion for dance and the arts. Our social will be held the night prior to each of our events. Also, dancers may enter the improv contest for $10 and have the chance to win great prizes!